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During my tenure at Wilberforce University, Mr. Haskell Ruff reported directly to me as a financial consultant serving as the Interim Controller. Upon signing his contract with the University, Haskell became immediately involved in the annual financial audit. As the Interim Controller, he was able to take over the audit process as well as provide guidance and leadership for the finance staff.He also worked with external software consultants to correct a bug in the financial software that was preventing the generation of electronic financial statements. Haskell was able to provide a high level overview of what actions were necessary to the Executive Management Team as well as engage institutional personnel for getting those tasks completed.


Haskell has the knowledge and leadership presence to assist organizations challenged with financial problems and preparing for significant financial reviews. The knowledge he brings from his experiences with Corporate and Educational organizations as well as being a Certified Public Accountant provides him a unique skill set which benefited the university immensely.


Mary Morale
Former Vice President for Administration and Finance
Wilberforce University

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